Job Assistance Program at Davis Training Centre

Davis Training wants to work hard to help you find a good paying job with a future. We are proud to have trained over 17,000 forklift operators over the last 12 years. With our strong reputation, outstanding training, and dedication to our students, we have a 95% in placing our students within the first 14 days.

At Davis Training Inc we understand how stressful and hard it may be to find a job in today’s market. That is why we have trained staff to assist you with your search. Our staff will conduct a one-on-one job search with you in the areas you want and are willing to work in. These searches will go directly through companies who are currently hiring.

This service is included at no charge, and is available for our students to use for three years just for choosing Davis Training Inc as your forklift certification trainer.

If you are serious and a good job with a future, its time you get the training you need from the company with a strong reputation.

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